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Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP)

FDAP is the professional body for the substance use field and works to help improve standards of practice across the sector.

What we do

  • Setting professional standards - through our Code of Practice and Complaints and Disciplinary procedures.
  • Developing the workforce - through our events and DANOS-based training, qualifications and guidance.
  • Keeping practitioners and managers up-to-date.

Services we provide

  • Training - FDAP offers a range of training courses (online, distance learning and face-to-face) aimed at developing the competence of workers and managers in line with the DANOS-based competence framework and relevant workforce development targets.
  • Qualifications - FDAP provide a range of qualifications and certifications designed to recognise and demonstrate the competences of managers and practitioners in the drugs and alcohol field.
  • Events - conferences etc.
  • Standards - FDAP produces a code of practice for drug and alcohol professionals and complaints and disciplinary procedures.
  • Directory of practitioners - the directory lists those members of FDAP who provide services, on a private practice basis, to people with drug and alcohol problems and those affected by their substance use. It also identifies those members who provide supervision to other practitioners.
  • Publications - e.g. DANOS guides.


  • Membership of FDAP is open to individual practitioners and managers, service providers, academic institutions and commissioning bodies (DATs, partnerships etc).
  • FDAP is managed by SMMGP as from the 1st February 2017.
  • All individual, paid up members of FDAP are automatically SMMGP Premium Members which provides 15 hours of training and CPD per year. For more information about SMMGP Premium Membership see the SMMGP web site.
  • For all queries related to FDAP membership and accreditation, please write to fdap@smmgp.org.uk.
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